Tree Injections

If you've got a sick tree on your hands, you may want to call a professional for advice. A soil injection is a method of applying pesticides, plant-resistance activators, and certain types of fertilizers into the xylem vascular tissue of a tree. This application is precise and targeted, with the purpose of protecting the tree from pests or providing corrections for existing nutrient deficiencies that can adversely affect overall tree health.

Treating trees with soil injections is a way to administer pesticides and other treatments without affecting surrounding plants and animals. This treatment method is better than spraying in that it requires less materials, and reduces the amount of environmental exposure to whatever chemicals are being used. 

Beautiful, healthy trees add to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal, and they must be maintained in order for them to grow healthy and strong. Trees have to be nurtured just like anything else, and when you take great care of them, they offer up many rewards in return. Soil injections are a great way to help ensure the longevity and health of the trees in your Chattanooga yard.

Fast Facts about Soil Injections:

  • Soil injection technology has provided arborists new tools and methods for treating harmful pests in trees

  • Each sick tree scenario should be assessed by a professional before treatment plans are made

  • A single soil or tree injection has the potential to replace multiple applications of sprayed pesticides

  • Insects like aphids, leaf miners, flathead borers, and woolly adelgids are harmful pests that can kill a tree without proper treatment

If you have a sick tree in your yard that requires attention, let Paden Tree People come diagnose and offer treatment options for best handling the situation. We are well-educated and eager– ready to come to the rescue of any tree that needs a little TLC. 

Tree Injections