Stump Grinding

Do you have an unwanted tree stump in your yard? Stumps can be problematic for many reasons. On top of being an eyesore, they get in the way of other yard maintenance like mowing, they can be a trip-hazard for kids or people walking through, and they can also start to rot potentially playing host to home-damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants. Not only do left-behind tree stumps detract from the aesthetics of your yard, but keeping them around can also quickly go from innocuous to inherently risky. 

Our stump grinding service is a fast, simple, and an environmentally-friendly option. Another plus is the process turns the stump into fresh mulch you can use in other applications around your yard. Get in touch with our expert tree team today, and we can help you address a stump problem or any other tree issues you may have.

Fast Facts about Stump Grinding:

  • Stump grinding is the most efficient way to remove a tree stump.

  • Stump grinding is performed with a power tool with a rotating disc that chips away at the wood. They can range in size from about the size of a lawn mower to much larger.

  • Stump grinding leaves behind a fresh canvas for planting new things or other landscaping options.

Stump Grinding