Storm Damage

We can't control the weather, but we can prepare your property for the harsh weather Chattanooga often affords. It’s extremely important to keep tabs on your yard, and make sure there are no hazardous trees or limbs that could cause damage to your property or neighboring properties. Most damage occurs from falling trees or limbs that break off and come crashing down. High-winds and over-saturated soil conditions can cause roots to fail or even branches to weaken and become susceptible to failure. 

Pre-storm strategies for your yard can be put into play, and we can detect potential hazards that are not always immediately clear to the untrained eye. Preventative measures are always best, but that said, stuff happens. Sometimes storms blow through and cause damage no one could ever predict– and when that’s the case, we know exactly what to do. We’re ready 24/7 to provide emergency services and removals when storms hit the hardest, and we hope you’ll call on us to help.   

Fast Facts about Fallen Trees & Storm Damage:

  • Most damage from storms occurs from fallen trees and limbs, often requiring the help of a professional tree service.

  • High winds and oversaturated soil conditions, common for Chattanooga summers, can cause weakened roots and branches that are more susceptible to falling and causing damage.

  • Some storm-damaged trees can still be saved, but it’s important to have a professional assess the situation and make recommendations about how to ensure the tree heals properly.

  • Sometimes all a tree needs is structural pruning, or a cabling support system to ensure safety through harsh weather conditions. 

  • Keeping your trees healthy with proper care can help mitigate the risk of breakage during stormy weather.

Tree Storm Damage